We are under the guidance of a

Board of Directors

Patsy Cavenah                                Founder/Director of The Lighthouse 

Pastor John Cernek                        Indian Bible Church - Elton, LA

Pastor Greg Cavenah                     Full Life Assembly of God - DeQuincy, LA.    

Pastor Paul Cavenah                      The Grand Church - Kinder, LA

Pastor Penny Blackburn               Grace Church - DeQuincy, LA

Craig Morrow                                 Global -LeBlanc La

Donna Knight                                 Wife of Judge William Knight Jennings, La..

Shane Bolles                                    Entergy-Jennings, LA

Linda LeBlanc                                 Lighthouse Bookkeeper  LeBlanc, La. 


Office Administrator/Direct Care Worker

Victoria Phillips

Direct Care Workers

Ashley Adams

Amber Landry

Donna Ordiway

Tracey Myrick

Martha Rozas

Hope Carlin

Aime Matt

Rebecca Prudhomme

Penny Carlin



Donna Knight - Coordinator

Janet Dickson

Baby Showers:

Deanna Cavenah - Coordinator

Lynn Smith

Vickie Parker


Denise Leiato - English/Grammer

Thelma Richard - Sewing

Cathy Haynes - Bible Study

Connie Ortego - Bible Class

Delana Brown - Handstiching/Cooking

Kelli Barnes - Health & Relations

Stephanie Giesbrecht - Life Skills 

Konnie Humphreys - Tutoring

Bertha Rush - Crafts

Brenda Reeves -Photography

Ebony Edwards-Anger Management

Ella Lafauci - Tutoring

Pat King - Notary

Sarah Bordelon - Etiquette/Job Skills 


Josh LaCour


Lynn Smith

Sharon Alexander

Fun Nights

George & Denise Leiato

Jessica Darbonne

Teddy & Angela Broussard


Baby Care

Cathy Haynes

Ella Lafauci

Hattie Monroe

Janet Dickson

Stephanie Giesbrecht

Vickie Parker

Repairs & Maintenance

Bill Hebert

Special Events

Katherine Adair

Cornelius LeDoux

Brenda Johnson

Kenny & Allison Bruchhaus

Luther & Montrey Alfred

Jackie Cavenah

Courtney Wade


Donna Knight

Denise & George Leiato

Theresa Houston

Ashley Adams

Hope Carlin

Cathy Haynes

Deanna Cavenah

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